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My Day In Florence

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Duomo di Dirence

If you follow my Instagram, you will see that I am still kicking myself in the face for my poor planning regarding my trip to Florence. I was SUPPOSED to be in Florence for 2 days but because I booked my trip out of order, I mixed up dates and ending up booking my flight from Venice (the next stop after Florence, a day earlier and changing the ticket would have cost more money so I bit the bullet and only had one full day to spend in Florence.) It is also important to keep in mind that I was in Florence solo and trying to fight a pretty severe sinus infection.

First of all, I have heard so many mixed reviews about Florence. Everything from it’s a sleepy place and its not worth going to, to it’s the most magical place they have ever been. Originally I was trying to decide between Florence and Venice because I wanted to go to Milan and Verona. I went with my gut and thank goodness I did. FLORENCE IS BEAUTIFUL and people that don't think so need to learn how to vacation better! With that being said I definitely made the most of my day so here is my guide to having a great one day in Florence!

Where to Stay

There are so many affordable Air BnBs in Florence so you should not have a hard time finding a place to stay. I was absolutely in love with my Air Bnb and my host so I definitely suggest stay here. Carla, the host, is the sweetest old lady you will ever meet in your life! She will treat you like you are her own child. I asked her for an iron and she felt so bad that it broke that morning and when she got it to work again, she offered to iron my clothes for me. I, of course, did not let her but it was such a sweet offer. It is a traditional BnB so there could be other people there but you have locks on your room and its very private. She also provides a delicious traditional Italian breakfast!

Florence from Piazza Michelangelo

What to Do

Ok so this is tricky because I only had a full day and there is SO much to do in Florence. The true attractions of Florence are.

1. The Duomo

2. The Uffizi Galleries

3. Accademia Gallery

4. Piazzale Michelangelo

5. Piaza della Signoria

6. Ponte Vecchio

7. The Boboli Gardens

To be completely honest, I did not do ANY tours there but I was able to see them and I am very happy I did. Florence is a very walkable city for the most part. My room was just a 15 walk from the Duomo and from there, thanks to my wonderful host that literally mapped out an amazing path on a map of the city, I walked up the scenic and serene route to Piazzale Michelangelo. During that walk you are transported into what you probably imagine a quant Italian town to look like. Small quiet street cobblestone streets, brick walls, and so much greenery will have you smiling the entire way. On the way to the Piazzale Michelangelo, you will pass The Boboli Gardens and a really interesting Romanesque Church called Abbazia di San Minato al Monte, check it out if you head that way. From here, you also get a really amazing view of Florence from above. (Email me if you want details of that walk!)

Getting around

While walking around Florence is honestly very doable without needing to take public transportation in my opinion, you can definitely use the bus system easily. Just about all buses begin, end, or stop at Piazza Stazione. You can purchase bus tickets at most newsstands or Tobacco shops (You will see the word tabacchi.)

There are also machines to purchase tickets placed near 500 parking kiosk/meters around Florence. They start working as soon as you buy them so you don’t need to scan on the bus. They are valid for 80 minutes from the time you bought them; simple! There is also the opition to buy on the train but it will cost you €2.

Honestly Florence is an indescribable city. When people told me I should skip Florence on my trip, I got a little discouraged because I was really drawn to the city for some reason. There is a magic and charm to the city that puts you at ease. Even in the bustling city center swarming with tourists, its easy to not be annoyed because the magic of the city calms you and keeps you moving to enjoy all the city has to offer.

If you are considering Florence on your tour of Italy, DO IT!

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