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My Guide To Barcelona!

Barcelona was the first stop on my European excursion and I could not have chosen a better first experience. Rich in culture and beauty, Barcelona should definitely be on your short list when planning your next trip abroad. I could have easily stayed in Barcelona for much longer and here is why!


The food there is so bomb! Like for real, just spend all your money on the food in Barcelona. This Spanish city is known for their delicious tapas or appetizers. You can basically get a bunch of tapas and make it your dinner if you wanted and I did many times. One important thing to be prepared for is that in Spain, they don’t really eat dinner until pretty late. In fact, many restaurants will close for their afternoon siesta and then reopen for dinner around 7/8 and stay open until 12/1. You should also be prepared for a lot of these places to be busy around that time because Spanish people love to appreciate community and good food and drink so people are out a lot.

For Tapas, I recommend going to Tapas 24. I literally wanted to cry as I was eating. Mainly because the food was so delicious and I was starving which caused me to eat ALL the tapas. (I am not one to share appetizers with because I will eat them all.) Another misconception about Spain is that they always drink Sangria. While they do have it there, it is not their drink of choice. You will find people drinking wine more or even more common, Cava. Cava is a sparkling wine very similar to champagne and VERY delicious. Do yourself a favor and try that before ordering sangria.


I have not made this very public because I don’t want to scare anyone away from travelling with one bad story. However, the Air BnB we resereved in Catalonia was broken into and things were stolen. The area is not a “bad area” but it is definitely not the most posh or “nice” area. Needless to say, we contacted the host and moved out. Thanks to Hotel Tonight, we managed to find a FANTASTIC hotel, Hotel Picasso, right in the heart of El Born district which is very close to the Gothic Quarter and other tourist attractions.

El Born is so cute and charming. The narrow cobble stone streets are like a maze but are lined with shops and eateries. It is also the home of the Picasso Museum.


Barcelona is so beautiful and there are a lot of things to see. When you google Barcelona, chances are you are going to see Sagrada Familia. The beautiful ornate cathedral that is still not complete. I recommend going early and getting a pass ahead of time. It gets very busy and standing in that line in the hit is for the birds; get there early. I had a great time walking around the Gothic Quarter, if you go at sunset there is a cool look to it but its best to go during the day. The Arc De Triomf is also within walking distance and worth going to admire the architecture and street performers that tend to be in that area during busy times. Park Guell is also a popular and fun tourist attraction. Its only about 7 Euro to get in and can get tickets a head of time. There is a lot of walking involved. Including walking up a giant hill before getting there so make sure you bring comfortable shoes if you are trying to go there for cute pictures for the gram.


The metro system is very easy and efficient to use. It is best to buy a pass for how long you will be there. It is pretty affordable and the metro can get you to most places you want to go in Barcelona pretty quickly. One thing to note is that UBER is not really a thing in Barcelona. If you end up seeing one on the app it will probably take forever and technically its illegal. Use Cabify or My Taxi instead.

As always, I hope you use this guide as a starting point but allow yourself to make your experience authentic to who you are as a traveler. If you have any specific questions about Barcelona please don’t hesitate to email me or DM on Instagram Josh, You Trippin.

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