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I love Seattle! It's a really cool city that has really cool attractions, beautiful neighborhoods, and it is a foodie's heaven. I was only there for a weekend but I would totally live there. (Granted I found a place with assigned parking because walking in the rain with that limited parking wont work for me.) Other than that, Seattle is an awesome city and here are some tips to consider when planning your trip!

1. Eat As Much As You Can:

This really is a city for foodies. Everyone restaurant is awesome. I would suggest getting something from the Pike Place Bakery and you must eat at Biscuit Bitch!

2. Uber Pool And Lyft Line Are Your Friend:

If you are just visiting, I wouldn't suggest getting a rental unless you have to because of the lack of parking. Use ride-share and don't be against using Lyft Line and Uber Pool to save some money. 

3. Capital Hill is where the night life is:

Tons of bars and restaurants in this area. It is also the main gay scene in Seattle.

4. Best City View at Karry Park:

A lot of people don't know about this gem. In Queen Anne there is a tiny park that offers an incredible view of Seattle. There is limited parking here so be prepared.

5. Go Visit The Fremont Troll:

Google it and you will know why! 

6. Take the light rail from the airport:

You get to see the outer suburbs of Seattle and its only like $3 bucks! 

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